Our Vision

Gheras International School aims to bring up a new generation who is innovative, morally committed and scientifically distinguished; individuals who can keep up with the modern age, participate in their communities and love their nations.

 Our Mission 

  • Providing the teachers and students with an outstanding educational environment in school.
  • Initiating programs and activities for building righteous personalities.
  • Enabling professional development for all of its staff.
  • Providing a technologically enhanced environment to help students become creative and innovative leaders.
  • Supporting talents in all fields.
  • Preparing programs to help students with learning difficulties.
  • Bringing up students with a sense of attachment through social participations.

GIS core values

  • Confident: feel secure to take risks in their learning, develop independent skills and to be resilient.
  • Responsible: use analytical thinking to identify solutions over problems, possibilities over obstacles, and probabilities over futility.
  • Reflective: as learners, developing their ability to learn.
  • Innovative: promoted with new technologies, facilities and tools to develop their personal growth.
  • Engaged: intellectually and socially, to be more productive.
  • Tolerant: understand and to accept differences of opinion, conviction, of belief and of lifestyle.

GIS Policies

  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Complaint Policy
  • Language Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • ICT Policy
  • Students with Particular Educational Need Policy
  • Curriculum Policy
  • Assessment Policy.

Printed copy for polices are available for parents upon request.


Why Gheras

  • Integrated British International Curriculum.
  • Balanced Approach.
  • Character Development Program.
  • Experienced Native Staff.
  • Emphasis on Creative and Critical Thinking.
  • Advanced IT infrastructure.
  • Distinguished Campus.
  • Extra-curricular Activities.

Board of Directors

The board of directors have already completed and issued the code of employment that should be applied in the school. It is hoped that this code will help the school to be more productive and the teachers to be more efficient. Also a plan for the recruitment of the cadres required for all the school departments has been approved.
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