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Part 1: To register your child at GIS, fill the online student application form (click here):

✐ Completed and signed GIS Registration Form

✐ Copy of child’s passport (we will require sighting of original upon arrival)

✐ Copy of child’s most recent, full End of Year School Report

✐ Copy of Father/Sponsor’s Qatar ID Card number

✐ Copy of Mother/Sponsor’s Qatar ID Card number

✐ Copy of your child’s current Qatar residence visa

✐ If a Qatar residence visa is not available, a Company Family Sponsorship Letter must be provided to guarantee that      you will be able to sponsor your family, and that their family residence visa will be forth-coming.


Part 2: The following documents will be required to support your child’s application at a later date. Please ensure that you have them ready in electronic format for emailing. Our Registrar will be in touch when we are ready to proceed further with your application:

✐ Copy of child’s most recent, full End of Year School Report (if different from the one already Submitted)

✐ Copy of your child’s current mid-year Progress Report (if available)

✐ Two (2) recent passport sized photographs of your child

✐ Completed and signed GIS Student Health Form

✐ Copy of your child’s immunisation record

✐ Copy of latest National Curriculum Test (NCT) levels


Failure to supply this documentation when your child is a full time registered pupil attending GIS may result in your child being asked to be withdrawn from the school.

Entrance Assessment

When your child’s application moves higher up the waitlist, his/her paperwork will be reviewed by a member of our School to ascertain whether an assessment is required. If an assessment is recommended, the Registrar will email you to invite your child in to spend part of a morning in the age appropriate class in order to be assessed. Should your child decline to attend the assessment, your application will be removed from the waitlist without further notice. If your child is not yet in Doha, please telephone the Registrar when he/she arrives in order to arrange this appointment. A QR 200 non-refundable assessment fee per child is to be paid prior to a child being assessed.

Special Needs

Children of any nationality will not be admitted if they are assessed by GIS to have learning and/or behavioral difficulties and the School is unable to offer an appropriate curriculum or facilities.

Waiting Lists

Because the school limits class size to a maximum of 20 pupils for Foundation Stage and 24 pupils for Key Stages 1-6 we often have wait-listed applicants in most of our year groups. Acceptance of the registration form does not guarantee a place at the School.


After a satisfactory assessment, and provided a seat is available, the Registrar will contact you via email or phone to offer a place.

If, when offered a seat and it is declined, we will remove the pupil’s name from the waiting list and offer the parent the opportunity to make a new application.

If a seat is offered and accepted and payment made, but the pupil has yet to arrive in Doha it is only possible to pay for one term before the pupil must attend. Failure to attend at the beginning of the 2nd term will result in the place being withdrawn.

Invoice for the First Term’s Fees and Additional Fees

Upon your acceptance of the offered place, the Accounts Office will prepare an invoice. The invoice will be for one term’s school fees, the registration fee, seat reservation fee, books fee and uniform fee. Payment guidelines and a due date will appear on the invoice. This invoice must be settled in full by the due date as stated on the invoice to secure your child’s place. Registration fee and tuition fee is just paid once for continuing students.

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