Positive Discipline in the Classroom Workshop

The workshop will provide teachers with the concepts and skills necessary to successfully implement effective class meetings that create a classroom which enhances cooperation, collaboration, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, communication skills, accountability, responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem, and mutual respect.

This workshop will also introduce Positive Discipline methods that are designed to teach students’ essential life skills and important perceptions of courage, confidence, and capability. The fringe benefit is the elimination of most discipline problems and the opportunity to focus on academic achievement.

Effective discipline teaches self-discipline from within the student, an “inner locus of control”, by helping the student figure out what causes problems and how to solve them. Punishment teaches an “external locus of control”: where a student depends on punishment or rewards from others as motivators. Effective discipline means using methods that teach important life skills such as cooperation, respect, concern for self and others, and problem solving skills


Children Are From Heaven

GIS cordially invite all the parents to attend the first parenting workshop.

Based on Dr. John Gray’s brilliant, original, and effective system that he calls positive parenting, this one-hour session will introduce the different skills of positive parenting to help improve communication, increase cooperation, and motivate your children.

The foundation of this new approach is composed from the five positive messages your children need to learn again and again:

  • It’s OK to be different
  • It’s OK to make mistakes
  • It’s OK to express negative emotions
  • It’s OK to want more
  • It’s OK to say ‘no’, but remember – Mom and Dad are the bosses

Meet Your Child’s Teacher session

On Thursday the 29th of October we are holding a Meet Your Child’s Teacher session from 12:00 to 3:00pm. The classes will finish at 12:00pm and the students will be engaged in different activities in the 2nd building by our staff. You are requested to come to the main building and visit your children’s classrooms to meet with the class teachers & Arabic teachers to discuss matters.

It will be your opportunity to get to know your children’s teachers through one on one meeting and learn more about our program.


Summer School Program

Gheras has a special summer program for the students who wish to attend school during the summer vacation. The summer program is completely based on the holistic approach which cares for the students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This program includes:

  1. Holy Quran reciting.
  2. Sports activities.
  3. Computer lessons.
  4. Movies.
  5. Visiting museums and other places of attraction.
  6. Teaching conversational English and French.
  7. Art & crafts.


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