We Instill Today .. You Reap Tomorrow ..

Gheras school aims at bringing up a new generation that is innovative, morally committed, scientifically distinguished, keeping up with the modern age, participating with the community and loving his nation.

School Vision

  1. Providing a distinguished educational school environment for students and teachers.
  2. Effecting programs and activities to help build a good personality.
  3. Offering sustainable skills development for the school staff.
  4. Providing a technological environment that helps students to innovate.
  5. Supporting talented and distinguished students in all fields.
  6. Preparing programs to handle learning difficulties (dyslexia).
  7. Implanting the spirit of a sense of belonging through community participation.

School Mission

Our students see us as worthy role models; genuine, trustworthy, hard-working, and professional. We are accessible and patient, tolerant and fair. We exemplify a positive attitude, and we expect and facilitate success, by developing in our community the main values of the school.

We expect to prepare our students to be:
Confident - Responsible - Reflective - Innovative - Engaged – Tolerant



We encourage our students to feel secure to take risks in their learning, develop independent skills and to be resilient. We aim for them to do this by believing in themselves, trusting their own judgments and the judgments of others. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to succeed which will raise their self-confidence. We aim to give the children encouragement, support and an exciting curriculum which will inspire their learning.



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