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Details of Previous Schooling - including Preschool
Father's Details
Mother's Details
Siblings currently attending GIS:
Siblings also applying to GIS:


I confirm that all the information given on this form is accurate.

It is a condition of any offer of a place that parents/guardians have given all the information relevant to the application, including details of academic, behavioural and/or social problems. Where it is discovered that information has been withheld, the student placement may be withdrawn. If, at some future date, it becomes evident that we are unable to meet a child’s educational and/or social needs at GIS, we reserve the right to withdraw the school place. I consent to my child having an entry interview and assessment, if this is considered necessary by the Head teacher, and I agree to abide by the school’s decision. In the event of a child being awarded a place at Gheras International School, parents/guardians undertake and agree that the Gheras International School is absolved from any responsibility for:

  • The loss or damage of valuable items.
  • Accidents or mishaps occasioned by participating in normal life activities including, but not limited to, organised sports, school trips, gymnastics, informal play, design and technology and practical work.
  • The welfare and safety of the student outside the normal timetabled day including activities supervised by Gheras International School staff. This includes safe delivery and collection of students to and/or from Gheras International School. Please note: it is the responsibility of parents or appointed adults to ensure that Students are dropped off and collected from school at the appropriate time.
  • Any resulting accident or mishap should a student take unilateral action which is extra-curricular and without permission including, but not confined to, leaving the premises without permission.
I/we accordingly release and absolve the members of the Board from all personal liability in respect to the affairs of the school.

I agree to abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the School and accept that the decision of the school management in any matter relating to the administration of the School is final.

I agree that photographs/video or movie clips of my child may be used by GIS in promotional materials such as the school website, in-house slide presentations, brochures, local/international press, and in the Yearbook.

I understand that in joining GIS, I agree that my child will take part in the whole school curriculum and cannot choose to opt out of any particular part of the curriculum during the academic year.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that school fees for my child are paid by the due date. Should fees not be settled by 14 days after the due date, I understand that my child’s seat at GIS will be withdrawn without further notice. Where companies are paying school fees directly, the parents are ultimately responsible and the above deadlines must still be adhered to.

I understand that it is my responsibility to submit TWO MONTH’S NOTICE IN WRITING before the end of the last academic term attended by my child. Where companies are billed directly for school fees, it is still the responsibility of the PARENT to give GIS the required notice period in writing.
In signing below I confirm that I have read and understood all the above and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out within it, and as may be amended by the School from time-to-time.
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