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Parent Teacher Meeting, January 2023


A parent-teacher meeting is instrumental in bringing growth in the student's academic excellence. During a parent-teacher meeting, the teacher may discuss specific and overall results from the assessments done for a student, across various parameters, along with the student's work in his or her class work and/or class activities, be it in notebooks or charts. While it is a fact that parents do spend a lot of time with their children, it is an equally important fact that teachers in early learning centres also spend a lot of time with students in a formal setting, and in the absence of the adults of their family. Parent-teacher meetings are essential and necessitate parents to look into the strategy and style they have adopted for the growth and development of their students. Through this meeting, teachers can discuss a strategy on an ongoing basis.  Considering that the parents have more children in the school, around 154 parents came from 300 students to collaborate with our teachers on the school premise on 30 January to 2 February 2023.

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