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Football Competition External, October 2022


The world opens an opportunity to showcase the talents of the best football players around the globe. Part of this significant opportunity is the chance to widen awareness of the people and in the sports field. This enthusiasm echo came to life when the Ministry of Education and Higher Education brought up to date the "Student World Cup 2022" activity at Al Yarmouk Preparatory School for Boys on October 11, 2022. Gheras International School is given a chance to get involved in a solid, friendly football competition alongside Saoud Salih Al Hunaitem, Mahanna Mubarak Al Naimi, Abdulaziz Hamad Bahlol, Abdelrahman Ahmed El Agamy, Mohammed Obaid, Mostafa Taha Adawi, Taj Adeen Mostafa, Abdulasis Jamal Al Hajri, Mohammed Ahmad Al Sada, Majd Alkharnoby, Nabeel Mohammad Awwad, Hassan Ahmed Ebeid, Tameem Salim Ali, and Khalid Mohammed Al Mannai. Though our students did not win the competition, they returned to schools not with empty hands but full of lifelong experience and social awareness. 

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