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Student Council Voting and Winners, October 2022


Our school upholds and practices the students' freedom to vote and be elected. Students from Year 3 to Year 6 actively participated in the Voting of their class ambassadors. There are 52 aspiring candidates, and only one student was awarded as the winner for each class namely Abderahman Mohammad Awwad Year 3B, Taim Hekmat Year 3B; Yaman Ahmad AlOmari Year 4A, Sereen Salim Ali Year 4B; Aman Eddin Khalil Year 5A, Joud Ahmed Salem Year 5B, Abdulaziz Hamad Bahlol Year 6A, and Gouereah Ahmed Mohamed Year 6B. This activity enhances the leadership of the students. It will bring them to express their goals and targets as individuals or groups openly.

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